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Top 10 Best Board Games For Android

A perfect life consists of a sound mind and a healthy body. A healthy body can be obtained by doing exercise regularly. However mind can only be calmed down when it’s free from all of the tension. You have to mental exercise in order to make it sound and healthy too. At that time games play an important role. You can play games and dive into the virtual world. Free from all other tensions, your mind will be working effectively.

Previously games were only playable on arcade systems in public areas. But as technology evolved now gaming facilities are available at your home. Computers and Internet have made free games available to almost everyone. But that doesn’t ends here, we got latest new inventions from technology like Android Phones.

Android devices have made the task further simpler, allowing amazing gaming experience at the palm of your hand. Since android phones are portable, so limitations of desktop computer have been removed. One can play android games anywhere he wants without any trouble. A huge number of gamers are rushing towards android games due to various facts. One of the most important factor is large number of free android games available on Google Play. There are new games developed regularly and placed on the app stores. So you can finds something new and entertaining every time you visit them.

You can have fun in your spare time by playing games of your favorite genre. You can also scroll through different lists on our website to find best android games. We have shared lots of free games for android lists for our users. So you will surely find the game of your choice.

Now it’s time for Board Game lovers. We are going to share 10 best board games apps that can be used for free. So let’s go ahead to the games:

Rolling Sky

A simple and easy to play game with lots of features. The game has splendid 3d environment allowing you to experience best board game experience. The only thing you have to is control the ball to avoid obstacles. Sounds easy Huh!? But it’s not that easy anymore with amazing barriers and traps. It’s an ultimate challenge to you and your brain. So go ahead and start controlling the ball to conquer the game.

YAHTZEE® With Buddies – Dice!

Love to play the classical dice game? Now it’s available in your android phone with this amazing game app. Experience the ultimate game play among YAHTZEE players around the globe. You can play with your Facebook friends or make new friends from YAHTZEE gamers. Moreover you can still play with dice masters and test your skills properly. So why are you waiting? Go ahead and download the ultimate board game ever!

Tic Tac Toe Glow

Now it’s time to make Tick Tac Toe players happy. All the gamers can play the classic Tic Tac Toe game on their smartphones easily. Never use paper or pencil anymore! You can play the modern version of the game right on your phone. Unlike other games this version will never let you have boredom. You will always find it entertaining in your free time. Also with the glowing effects it becomes more interesting to play the board game.


Download MONOPOLY HERE & NOW game on your phone and play the ultimate board game on your smartphone. The android game offers real-time 3d effects to fulfill your board gaming needs. Travel around the globe, collecting various stamps to complete your passport. Watch the amazing animated graphics while you play around the game. You can also upgrade the game to have an ultimate gaming experience but free version is not that bad though.

Pinball Pro

The greatest pinball experience of all time. Now you can play the amazing game of Pinball on your smartphone device for free. The realistic and eye-catching graphics will make you amazed. The game offers 5 different tables to play pinball with an amazing ball physics. Also the unique sound track makes Pinball Pro feels like a Pro game.

Snakes & Ladders King

It’s a simple board game but offers interesting gameplay for users. The app has the same dice game rules to be applicable on a board. You can play in four different gameplay modes like Survival Mode to experience an arcade gameplay, multiplayer mode to play with online users, play with computer mode, etc. You can also use offline mode and play with up to 4 players at a time. So can you reach the 100th step?


One of the best board games for android devices is Domino. A highly addicting and multiplayer supporting game that can be played on smartphones. It’s a very easy to learn game but mastering will take some time. So play with your friends at your pace, or play online with users around the globe. The best thing is it doesn’t slows down your gameplay, even on multiplayer option. A highly recommended game for board game lovers!


Checkers game is one of the most played game around the world. Many people are fond of playing it with different rules. Now experience a new innovation in checkers with the android game app. You can play like never before right on your device. No matter which game rule you like Spanish Draughts or American Checkers, the game will work as you want.

Battleships – Fleet Battle

Now you can play one of the best classic battle ship game on your android phone. Fight in a classic blue print mode against computer or with friends. Now it’s time to prove your gaming skills with a popular board game. Download Battleships game on your phone and prove your skills as Fleet Commander.

Real Chess

Chess game revolutionized into an advanced version with 3d graphics and addicting features. Now you can experience the real beauty of chess game on your phone. Real Chess game offers lots of features that make it different from other board games. Some of them are online gameplay, real-time 3d graphics, chat feature in battle, supporting both landscape and portrait mode, numerous themes, and much more. All of this absolutely free in just a single android application.

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