Educational Apps For Android

Top 10 Educational Apps For Android

Smartphone technology is not only limited to teenagers only, rather its quickly progressing for kids too. There are lots of developments that are being made into android technology. Most of them are now dedicated towards young minds and their development. Numerous free android apps and android games are available for android devices. Some of the games can help in educational activities. Interactive games can be good source of knowledge for everyone, even for those little minds.

Games not only provide means of entertainment but a proper structure to motivate anyone. Children can get motivations by playing those android games. They also learn the process of decision making just by playing some games. Developers are highly focused towards this aspect of gaming and are providing lots of opportunities. Many new games are being made regularly that re linked towards educational content. That’s why these games can be of great use to both teenagers and kids.

So how would you actually find free educational games? This question will arise in the minds of many of us. Don’t worry if you are also facing a situation like this one. We are here to help you out and provide you best educational apps for android.

Our website is dedicated specially towards this need of android users. We are regularly updating various lists on our website. All of the best android apps & games are present in our lists. You can also scroll through them and find the right match for you.

So today we are focused towards top 10 best educational games. All of them are dedicated to our precious visitors, especially for parents looking something for their child. Keep visiting to get latest updates about free apps and games lists.

Ice Cream & Smoothies

One of the best learning game with beautiful graphics and interactive environment. Let your child join a fabulous world of imagination and play with cute little panda. In this fabulous educational game your child will be running a shop. He/ She will also learn techniques of making the customer happy. In this way they will learn stuff by playing game.

Toca Kitchen 2

This is another release of Toca Kitchen app for android devices. The new update has a lot of features added to make it more fun while cooking for guests. Let your child cook different foods for imaginary characters. They can use different ingredients and cook whatever they want! No restrictions on recipes, they can cook anything with their own mind. There are many other features to be explored in the game. Let your child do the rest, so download Toca Kitchen 2 game now!

Baby Panda Care

All of us know that caring a baby is a very difficult task. It requires lots of patience and hard working for proper care of a baby. Now this game is right for those who want to teach their child how to look after a baby? Your child can take care of a cute little baby panda in the game. You will be surprised to see so many amazing features of the game. So let your child have firsthand practice of baby care.

LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

Your child will be able to create their own virtual vehicles and small figures in the game. Specifically made for children 4-7 years old, the game app can offer a lots of benefits. Your child will be using his/ her own imagination to build the best vehicle. The games colorful environment and beautiful scenarios makes it one of the best educational games. The free game provides real-time inspiration and imaginations in your child. So why are you waiting for? Give it a try now!

Libii Dentist

One of the funniest android game ever is Libii Dentist. The game is suitable for both boys and girls and it offers lots of educational content. You can handle your own dental clinic and become a professional dentist at home. You can diagnose a cure different patients within the game and inspire your imaginations. The game characters will also offer emotions like laughter and tears, so you will have an awesome gaming experience.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

Looking for a free and full of fun educational app for your child? You have found it! ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics game helps your child learn the art of tracing letters and phonics too. It makes learning fun for children no matter them are toddlers or preschoolers. The game not only enhances alphabet knowledge of your child but provides a fun environment to make learning easier. Download the game now and let your child learn the alphabets!


Now all the PBS characters can be played in different games, right on your smartphone device. PBS Kids Games offer various funny games to make learning easy for your child. Your child will be learning Science, Mathematics, and creativity using entertaining games. The app is completely child-friendly with beautiful interface. Everything ready to be used for all ages even for small children. It’s the best app for children to be downloaded on your phone.

My Hospital – Doctor Panda

This time your child will be able to become a professional doctor. Download My Hospital app for your child and let him/ her learn various stuff. Your child can treat various patients and develop different skills in their mind. In this way they would have empathy for others. Let them manage the hospital with lovely little panda! Your child going to love this amazing game, so don’t waste your time. Grab the amazing opportunity now!

Princess Salon

Now it’ time for all those little gamer girls! We are going to share an amazing game, especially built for girls. You are going to run a Saloon and a Princess is your first customer. Help him dressed up perfectly for their special show. There are lots of stuff you can do with her in different sections of the game. Start up with Spa section and then head over towards make up and dress up sections. A lot of accessories to be adopted for the princess. So enhance your imaginations with this lovely android game.

Jungle Animal Hair Salon

Jungle Animal Hair Salon is best for children who want to do makeover to some imaginary characters. Work with super cute animals and dress up with your own imaginations. You can cut, color and shampoo their hair to make them more beautiful. So all you parents are out there, let your child join this amazing jungle adventure game. They will learn lots of skills by running a virtual hair style saloon right on your android device. The game is 100% child-friendly so you have nothing to worry about. Just download the game from Google Play and let your child enjoy!

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