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Top 10 Games For Android

Android operating system is not only popular for its business features but also for the entertainment ones. It can be used as an entertainment device in spare time. Beside news, weather, tools, and other similar apps, we also have games apps for our phones. Android phones supports numerous games for its users. Thousands of developers are making their own games for android phones. They make it available on the play store for free or with a little cost.

Android games are being uploaded on app stores on daily basis, especially on Google Play. It has a huge collection of games in different categories. You can download the games on your phone and enjoy your spare time.

If you are a gaming lover and always want to play games, Android OS has various opportunities for you. You can choose between games of different genres and install at once. Afterwards never get bored and enjoy using your phone. But is it that easy to choose best android games? Obviously searching between thousands of games would be tough! That’s why we have decided to help you out in this situation.

At we offer top 10 android apps list for our readers. We have already uploaded a lot of lists on our site that you can scroll through easily. Now we have moved towards games for android devices. So today out topic will be focused on games only. Below is the list of best android games for our readers to choose:

Pokémon Go

Numerous Pokémon’s have been found on planet earth and waiting for you to discover them. So stay tight and capture the Pokémon of your choice. You can battle with your own Pokémon in the Gyms to get ownership. Download Pokémon Go on your phone and start exploring Pokémon’s. You can go around your neighborhood and your phone will let you know when a Pokémon is near you. Now what? Just throw a Poke Ball and make it yours! The game is full of fun and provides you different features like searching, catching, battling and do lot more with your Pokémon’s. People are rushing towards the amazing android game, so why are you still waiting? Go ahead and enter the world of adventures!

Fruit Ninja Free

Have you watched Ghostbusters movie? Do you want to watch a more interesting version of the movie? Now you can do so using your android phone. You can play spooky tournaments with familiar players in the game. You will guide complete guidance from beginning to a fruit cutting machine. The only thing you need to know about in the beginning is slicing the fruits and avoiding bombs. So start a new adventure and slice out all the fruits you can see. Millions of people are already playing, so why are you left behind.

My Talking Tom

One of the best android game application on the internet is My Talking Tom. The addicting new game is full of fun and has amazing graphics. You are basically working with a virtually adopted baby cat and start playing with him, till the kitten is grown up into an adult. You will be given everything to play with your adopted cat, dress it as you like, fed him, and do lot more stuff. There are many more interesting features like mini-games, meeting with other players, receiving rewards, etc. The tom cat will act like a real cat and shows different emotions to you. That’s all for now, go ahead and adopt your own pet for free.

Card Wars Kingdom

Love to play cards? Now take it to the next level with epic new card adventure game. Cartoon Network has made a new android game for their viewers. The game features characters of the famous show “The Adventure Time”. You can play with characters, assemble a team of creatures, and fight to win the battle. You can also use the app’s multiplayer feature to play with friends or share your creatures with them. You can play with Princess, Fin, Jake, Marceline, or other characters in the game. Explore the kingdom, test your skills in dungeon strikes and enjoy playing an awesome game.

Subway Surfers

The best arcade android game on the internet is Subway Surfers. The game has millions of users who are already playing it. The game is all about running, dodging and escaping from the inspector and his dog. The attractive graphics of the game make it much more suitable for everyone. Collect coins while running, get bonuses, challenge friends, unlock accessories, etc. If you start playing the game, you can’t stop running and avoiding obstacles. Enjoy the epic new experience with Subway Surfers Android Game.

Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is an upgraded version of the popular game around the globe. The game is basically based on tapping black tiles and avoiding white ones. Moreover, you can hear fun music while tapping the keys. It’s just like tapping the buttons of a Piano system but in a virtual environment. The awesome visual effects and new pop songs make it best game of its kind. You can also compete with your friends and test your skills. So how fast you can tap? Get on the track and start tapping on the tiles!

8 Ball Pool

If you are a poll games fan, then you must try 8 Ball Poll app on your phone. The game offers stunning graphics and works as real-time physics. You can play alone or with friends using multi-player option in the app. You can always play matches to increase your level and rank in the game. Collect coins to play matches or buy stuff in the store. It’s a one stop gaming solution for all pool lovers like you.

Candy Crush Saga

An epic new puzzle adventure game for puzzle lovers is out now! Candy Crush Saga offers hundreds of fun levels to be cleared by the player. The amazing graphics and attractive designs make it best puzzle app on the internet. Explore the candy kingdom and play different levels alone or with friends. Get around to cutest characters and delicious candies as you pass through levels. You will be given various magical features like color bombs to make the game more interesting. It’s an awesome game that’s why we were tied to add this to our top 10 android games list.

Hill Climb Racing

It’s the best driving game ever made with addicting physics and amazing graphic support. Explore different levels across the game as you help the aspiring new racer. Buy vehicles and unlock stages to get more out of the android game. There are tons of different vehicles available for you to drive in the game. Moreover, you will earn coins for playing levels and can also upgrade your level using those coins. Experience an all new adventurous racing game with so many features for free.

Clash of Clans

You can build your own clan, defend it with an army, battle with other players and destroy their clans. Clash of Clans game is an amazing simulation game that has millions of users around the globe. You will start by a small village until it’s developed into a huge fortress. Train your own army of fantasy characters like dragons, archers, wizards, etc. Guard your village with bombs, traps, cannons, and much more while you play around with the game. There are far more options and features hidden in the app, go find it yourself. Join the community of glorious fighters and lead your clan to victory!

Now it’s up to you which games you choose to play on your phone. We have done our task of providing you top 10 games for android devices. These are all top rated games on Google Play having millions of users already. So you don’t have to worry about anything while trying out any of them.

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