Racing Games For Android

Top 10 Racing Games For Android

Android technology is progressing day by day and many people are adopting it. Regularly thousands of new customers join this technology and change their lives. It has made all aspects of our life much simpler. No matter its business or normal home usage, android phones offer hundreds of benefits as compared to others. For instance let’s take entertainment in our focus of study. We can see immense benefits of android phones for entertainment. One can’t feel boredom while using android phones. Tons of android apps and games are available in the market. Using them one can easily overcome boredom and have fun.

Now there are tons of categories/genres of android games out there. It depends upon your own interest which genre you choose. Some genres are popular among everyone like Arcade Games, Action Games, Adventure games and specially Racing Games. These are loved by almost everyone among us and no one hates them.

Google Play is one of the biggest stores online with millions of free and paid android apps. But how would you evaluate different apps or games? It’s pretty much difficult task to acquire the best options for android games. You have to scroll through all of the games on the android store and then find the right one for you. At this stage most of the android users feel alone and worried. So you would also be feeling like this right now? Aren’t we right? Don’t worry now! We are here to help you out in this situation.

Keeping in mind such a huge trend of android games for users, we have decided to make the task easier. Our experts are regularly testing and evaluating different apps. Afterwards proper lists of top 10 android apps is generated by them. These are updated on our site regularly so that you could choose best android games or apps for your device.

Today we will be working on best racing games for android devices. We have already evaluated the apps and only best ones are listed below:

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most amazing racing games with addicting entertainment experience. It’s a physics based driving game that offers adventure game features. Control the aspiring uphill racer as He travels through different levels using various vehicles. The game has tons of different levels, along with a lot of vehicles for you to drive. The amazing graphics and cool physics simulation of the game makes it best racing game ever.

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 game is building up a new standard in android racing games. It brings the amazing hyper drag racing experience in the palm of your hand. You can play with racers around the world and show off your racing skills. Drive your own custom built cars and beat your opponents around the globe. Experience a new innovation in android games with this fabulous application. So why are you still thinking? Go ahead and download it free!

Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the best racing games with millions of users worldwide. Asphalt 8 brings awesome gaming experience right on your android device. Drive over 140 official speed vehicles like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Bugatti and so on. All of them ready to be drive in an out of the world racing game. You would be driving your car in more than 40+ gravity-defying racing tracks. We highly recommend this game to all those speed lovers out there!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Thanks to advanced real physics engine technology, you can experience the best car stimulator game ever. You can easily drive, drift and control a live sports racing car in this game. A whole city full of obstacles is awaiting for you, so go ahead and test your racing skills. You don’t need to use brake and obey traffic rules at all. Do all those illegal stunts and never worry about police chase anymore. So go ahead and start burning asphalt of the open world for you!

Drift car city traffic racer

It’s a standalone racing game where you can drift in the city, destroying traffic all your way around it. An amazing real life simulation type android game. The game features include high definition images, a high quality simulation engine, amazing speeds, customizable models, supports police chase, and the best thing is a lot of vehicles available to drive. So it’s an all-in-one racing game for all android users looking for speed!

Trials Frontier

Experience one of the bets skill-based racing game built specially for smartphones. Explore the immense world riding your motor cycles and passing around obstacles. You can also compete against your friends and master your racing skills in this addictive racing experience. Trials Frontier is built from ground up to be suited for a touch based control system. That’s why you will not have any problem controlling your vehicle or playing the game. So do you have enough guts to become master of racing games?

Bike Race Free – Racing Game

Race against millions of bike racers around the world and enhance your skills. Play one of the top-rated android racing games with millions of active users. You don’t need to compete all the time, just choose single player mode and test your skills. Afterwards, you can play multiplayer when you are ready to do so. The game offers simple and easy to use controls along with awesome graphics. There are tons of other stuff that can be explored by you. So head over towards the download button!

Neon Motocross

Do you love neon lights? Now you can dive into the amazing world of Neon Motocross and play your very own neon bike. Download the physics-based android racing game on your phone and perform the unbelievable stunts in it. Neon Motocross game offers more than 180 technical levels along with 6 different scenarios. Use nitro and get those extra HP points to beat all the levels with more than 10 different Neon Bikes.

Traffic Rider

One of the most detailed motor bike racing game experience ever made! Traffic Rider puts the best endless racing game to a new level. The game specializes in first person perspective graphics, real life bike sounds, and much more. You will experience a smooth racing game in the shell of new generation.  It can be easily downloaded from Google Play to your android phone.

Thumb Drift – Furious Racing

Thumb Drift is another awesome car racing game with lots of attractive features. It has more than 80+ completely unlicensed cars available to be played. Thumb Drift game offers easy to use one thumb controlling system. So you won’t have to remember lots of key pairs to control the car. Just use your thumb and drive across 6 different tracks. You can also challenge your friends and beat the high score. So that it continues to offer addicting game experience till the end.

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