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Top 10 Weather Apps For Android

Everyone is fond of using android technology these days. No one can neglect the importance of android phones. Different types of apps available for android makes it more reliable. We have tons of categories in app stores for searching apps. Each of them have their own specific functions. Almost all of the apps are necessary for one person or the other.

Now one of the most common problem among people is knowing weather conditions. Everyone wants to know about weather conditions/situations before going out. But how to get it? What is the fast and easiest method of receiving accurate information? Obviously we are going to say that android technology can solve the problem. Google Play which is one of the biggest android apps market has a huge collection of apps. They also have free weather apps that can be used by you.

These apps can enhance the capabilities of your smartphone, so that it provides you weather information. But there are numerous apps on the internet, so how would you search for best weather apps? At testphoneapps we always try to find new possibilities of making your work easier. So we have minimized your efforts to a level of scrolling through top 10 weather apps only. Yes, you only have to go through the apps on this page and download the ones you like. So let’s see what these apps are:

The Weather Channel

This is one of the most loved apps for weather information around the world. You can trust on the app due to huge amount of users already using it. The weather information offered by them is very accurate. It will offer weather information around your location and also weather alerts of severe weather conditions. Use the app with GPS feature to get real-time weather condition alerts for your location. Another amazing feature is dynamic interface that will keep you entertaining with new background and designs. The weather channel app is the only one offering so many features for free.

MyRadar Weather Radar

An awesome app that displays animated weather radar around your location. Just download the app and run it on your android phone. Now enjoy live weather information at the most accurate level. The animated map feature is best for tracking weather directions. You will have capabilities of playing around with map to get further into it. People residing in United States can use the app because it’ currently only available in US.

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

Get a powerful weather station in the palm of your hand! NOAA Weather Radar app is very easy to use application. It offers 24/7 weather forecast right on your phone. It also provides you high quality real-time monitoring features. You can track weather on an interactive weather map and avoid getting trapped in weather conditions. The easy to use and secure application suits almost every weather lover.

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

The 1Weather app has a clean and beautiful environment for receiving weather forecasts. Whether you want to view weather forecasts or simply love to know about local weather, 1Weather has something for you. The elegant design makes it friendly and fun weather app for android phones. Some extra features of the app include severe weather alerts, weather related facts, videos, etc. So you can give it a try and see its functions yourself!


AccuWeather of the best weather apps supporting Android Wear for android phones. It also uses GPS functionality for localized weather information. The availability in most popular countries make it one of the most used apps. AccuWeather app shows forecast for snow fall, rain, wind, and special alerts for severe weather conditions in USA. Weather news can be received for the upcoming 15 days and real-time weather report updates every 15 minutes. In this way you can have a track over the weather conditions around you.


You can use WeatherBug app for a detailed statistic of weather conditions in your area. It is the best real-time weather tracking application. WeatherBug app is reliable and accurate weather forecasts provider updating every hour. Just like other weather apps it has functionality of real-time weather alerts for horrible conditions around you. So that you won’t got caught by severe weather conditions on the go!

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

This app is not only a weather forecast provider but beautiful live wallpapers and widgets are also given by it. The reason why it is best because of its exclusive features. No one is offering such great features in one single android application. The app can be personalized and provides various free themes for its widgets. It has coordination with AccuWeather to provide most accurate weather forecast to its users. The service supports millions of locations worldwide and can be easily used by anyone. Can’t understand English? No worries, it supports many popular languages which makes it a must have application in top 10 android apps list.

Weather Underground

It’s another simple yet powerful android weather application for tracking weather changes in your area. It’s not just a self-working app but also uses crowd funded data by people. But don’t even think that it’s a useless app, it support real-time weather maps, radar system, etc. for checking weather. There are other interesting and useful features available in the app that you can play around yourself. Now go ahead to the download page and start using Weather Underground app.

Transparent clock & weather

A one stop solution for a completely customizable digital clock and weather forecasting application. It’s easy to download, setup and use for various activities. The app also offers a set of different widgets to add on your home screen. You can set weather update intervals at your own and receive detailed weather reports. Supporting more than 40 different languages it proves to be a nice weather app.

Weather Radar Widget

Another free weather forecasting application for pin point correct weather reports. The app gathers accurate information from National Weather Service, so that information is very accurate. No need to use any other difficult method, just start using the app and see weather reports at a glance. Also supports widgets to be placed on home screen for instant weather information. The app has an animated weather map for a fun new experience while watching weather around you. Weather Radar Widget app is best for people who wish to use a friendly weather app.

These were the apps that our experts have added in the list. We will keep sharing such lists with best android apps for our viewers. Keep visiting our site to never miss an update.

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