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Top 15 Truck Simulator Games: Best Driving Games 2021

Truck Simulator Games: Best Driving Games 2021

Game playing is the fun part of our life. The time we spent in playing games is the most memorable and enjoyable time for all of us. We sometimes play games to spend our time in a fun way to satisfy our need of inner curiosity. This curiosity is our utter desire to play in a dream world. Sometimes we satisfy our real-life dreams by playing realistic same scenario games. This real-life gaming experience is the result of simulators reinvention. For beginners, simulation is a whole new level of improved gaming engines and graphics to give us a real life playing experience.

Free Truck Simulator Games on Google Play:

In the past, these simulators are like a fantasy world for guys like us. Most of us used to dream about playing simulator games. But the time has come, when we simply have to download these simulation games on our smart devices and play like forever. Sounds like fun, isn’t it? Nowadays there are so many games based on these simulators, in which we have to drive a vehicle in a real-life situation. This innovation makes many realistic simulation games popular like free truck games simulation. In these truck games for free simulation, you just have to deliver some packages by driving these trucks by following realistic physics phenomena. For your enjoyment, we have gathered a list of most recent popular truck simulator games. These games are very interesting and fun to play like a pro.

  1. Truck Simulator 2017:
Truck Simulator 2017

The game that tops our list of this year’s best free truck simulator games is Truck Simulator 2017. It is completely based on realistic campaigns and an amazing truck driving experience. You can build your company of transportation to earn revenue and make it a well-known brand. I personally love the environment and refreshing surrounding while playing the game. It brings real life monster truck simulator driving on your own Smartphone.

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  1. Euro Truck Simulator 3D:
Euro Truck Simulator 3D

Euro Truck Simulator 3D is a realistic truck simulator game that provides an exciting journey of a truck driver. Drive heavy cargo trucks and trailers to discover the city atmosphere and investigate you’re driving skills in real city traffic condition. Operate extreme Trucks to transport cargo and become a real gigantic goods transporter. The graphics of this Heavy Truck Simulator game is incredible and gives you an exciting challenge to accomplish. The accumulation of realistic sounds and various advanced camera modes integration allows it to be one of the best city Cargo Truck Simulator 3D game of 2017.

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  1. Truck Simulator USA:
Truck Simulator USA

The game that comes on second in our list of top 15 truck driving simulator games of 2017 is Truck Simulator USA. It is a real heavy truck driving game with a luggage transfer concept in some of the amazing locations of USA. With the modern truck simulation scenario, this game is a very sophisticated game to teach you the real skills in driving the heavy machinery. By playing this truck simulator online game, you can experience one hell of a ride. Controlling the acceleration and grip of your vehicle in sharp turns and busy city roads is the most amusing feature of this game.

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  1. Heavy Truck Driver Simulator:
Heavy Truck Driver Simulator

The real test in driving trucks arrives when you play this game. You have to play the role of a construction guy that transport building construction materials from one place to another. The challenge of transporting the small packages through a rough road is something you will love to do. It is one of the best stimulating 3d games to play like a professional truck driver.

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  1. Truck Simulator 3D:
Truck Simulator 3D

Another great game to play as a truck driving game lover is Truck Simulator 3D. It is one of the real transport driving simulator games that will blow your mind right away. You can play this truck simulator on country Highland trains while enjoying the bright sunny weather and beautiful locations. Scenes of endless grassy land will give you a dream ride while driving your truck simulator 3D.

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  1. Heavy Truck Simulator:
Heavy Truck Simulator

Another Heavy Truck Simulator game is a pure strict traffic rules demonstrator. With the necessary rules following while driving, this trucking simulator 3d game is the most interesting game you will ever play. You have to follow all the rules of driving, the speed limit rules, and other realistic heavy truck driving regulations. You can even sleep while driving, a feature that clicked me at the start. Sleep simulation is a new concept in these truck driving games for free, and you will love to play a game having this feature.

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  1. Euro Truck Driver (Simulator):
Euro Truck Driver (Simulator)

Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) gives you an opportunity to become a real truck driver. This game has introduced many European trucks with added customization. This customization brings a game driving experience that will make you feel like driving real trucks in real-time. Move across many kingdoms from Europe to visit places like Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Prague, Rome, and many more. Play the career mode, make a lot of money, purchase modern trucks and upgrade them, and make a luxurious journey to explore the world. You can also play Online Multiplayer to challenge your friends. Design your customized trucks to get speed as your ally and turn into the King of The Road by performing in Euro Truck Driver.

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  1. Truck Simulator 2015:
Truck Simulator 2015

One of the best truck simulator games in which you can experience amazing graphics and intelligent traffic system. Many levels are added in the game as you are having a world’s tour. Expand your simulator truck driving experience while driving on city highways or mountain roads with traffic cars. Multiplayer gaming mode will be integrated soon to enhance the crazy driving experience. So, enjoy this Heavy Truck Simulator game to get skillful in driving heavy vehicles.

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  1. CPEC Cargo Truck Pak-China:
CPEC Cargo Truck Pak-China

A game with the whole concept of CPEC and China-Pakistan trading concept. This new game CPEC Cargo Truck Pak-China is the latest concept in the market. Now, you can have non-stop driving fun of Asian Trucks in this monster truck simulator. It is one of another Truck simulator games with a realistic integration of control and amazing energetic gaming.

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  1. Truck Simulator: Europe
Truck Simulator Europe

Another game that made the list of top truck driving simulator games is Truck Simulator: Europe. Drive your favorite trucks in between cities and on fast track highways to deliver the cargos in an open world. Real dangerous tracks with difficult turns and hurdles are your companions in this extreme heavy truck simulator game. Travel across Europe to deliver the goods and complete your job.

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  1. Truck Simulator 3D:
Truck Simulator 3D Game

Truck Simulator 3D is a New and the Most Realistic Simulator Game with the Latest 3D Graphics Technology. Energetic gaming is exactly the concept all Truck driving simulator lovers like. Your real objective is to deliver different freight packages in the Truck without dropping them till the end point. Travel across the furry of dangerous mountains as a Truck driver and deliver important cargo loads across different locations.

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  1. Truck Speed Driving 3D:
Truck Speed Driving 3D

This game is one of another popular truck simulator games you can have in your mobile phones. Your main goal in this game is to carry your truck to the end point without dropping the load within the given time. An experience of mountain curves and dangerous turns will keep you guessing in this truck simulator online game. You have to maintain your speed intelligently to pass every mission on its merit. So, enjoy lorry games driving and keep doing the good work.

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  1. Truck Simulator: City
Truck Simulator City

Try to become the best Truck driver in the city and accomplish all your missions to enjoy this amazing game of heavy vehicle simulation. Drive through the city environment and deliver the important packages to your customers in this new game in the traveling truck games category.

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  1. Truck Simulator Real Driver:
Truck Simulator Real Driver

This truck Sim hill driving is a brand-new simulation truck games for free, where you can enjoy freight Simulation and wild stunts on the same time. Roads are curvy and your fuel is very low. Fill the fuel tanker and transport goods to the desired destination. It’s time to drive in Furious jungles, desert areas and across snowy Peaks. Let’s start the engine and drive your monster 4×4 truck to deliver cargo and unlock each mission one by one. Experience the ups and downs of a lonely desert and get ready for an epic drive of your 4×4 monster truck simulator.

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  1. Grand Truck Simulator:
Grand Truck Simulator

With the integration of Realistic physics and Realistic fuel consumption Grand Truck Simulator is one of the craziest customization game ever made. With the customization feature, you can make your own skins for trailers and trucks or you can also download it from internet. You can even adjust the suspension levels, change the lights and add automatic brakes in the system. But, remember with all these remarkable integrations you can also face heavy accident damages. Even a minor collision can break your front mirror and damage your trucks body. But don’t worry you can repair it as new by visiting the nearby workshops. The best integration of machine sounds, daytime changes, realistic maps, and the customization of hiring drivers to build your fleet, are all available in this free truck games simulation.

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