Role Playing Games For Android

Top 10 Role Playing Games For Android

Android technolgy is getting more popular day by day. It has now become the most popular platform among smartphones. People of all ages love using the OS and its being widely used around the world. One of the main reasons of its popularity is great number of benefits offered by it. Due to these benefits Android OS has also been declared as leading mobile operating system. Till now thousands of amazing features are available in this platform and still more new features are being added. Some people also say that it’s the OS of future smartphone technologies.

Besides many other benefits of Android phones, one which is loved by people is that we can play games in it. Countless android games are available online, which are developed by experts to fulfill the needs of gamers. Thousands of games are available for people to play on android phones for free. But not all developers offer free games for android, rather you have to purchase the game for playing it.

Android games are so popular that a newbie can find himself lost while searching for a good game. Among millions of android games, it’s not child’s play to search for a particular game. So what to do now? Where could we find best android games? How can we save our time? Now don’t just blast off with these questions in your mind. Simply follow our site and you will never have to worry about android apps. Our website offers catalogues of different android apps & games. All of them are completely free and you can simply download them on your phone.

Today, we are focused towards best RPG games for android. Our experts have evaluated a lot of role playing games and chosen 10 best RPG games among them. You can have a look over them and download to your smartphone. These are listed below:


One of the best mobile versions of the famous Final Fantasy game. The android game offers you a deep story line to play around and have fun. Experience the amazing story from Final Fantasy with your favorite character Kazushige Nojima. The game is perfectly visualized for an awesome gaming experience with built-in 3d graphics. We highly recommend you download this RPG on you android phone.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Play the best RPG game for android phones available on Google Play. You can collect your favorite characters from the official Star Wars series and play with them in the game. Battle with your opponents and conquer the amazing era in RPG styled gaming. You can also join up players and form a strong team to battle with strong bosses. Go ahead and download Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes game now!

Summoners War

An amazing action-packed RPG game full of entertaining features is ready for you. Join the league of over 50 million players around the world. Enter the sky arena and battle to get victory. You can summon over 900 different monsters/characters in the game to play for success. Build up a strong team of monsters and start your battle in Sky Arena.


Ever dreamed to battle with a dragon? Now you can do so! Dive into the amazing world of DragonSoul and start crushing those dragons. All the mighty monsters and vicious dragons can be brawled in the game. You can earn different rewards along with heroes while playing around the game. Brawl with monsters and dragons to your way through the chapters of Campaign. So why are you waiting for? Control those heroes and start brawling!

Walking Dead: Road to Survival

A definitive role-playing Walking Dead game now available for your smartphone. The game is officially launched by the creators of Walking Dead comic. Command over those survivors and battle in a story full of dangers. Survive from the walkers and human alike enemies with your own specific strategies. Build up your own town to keep the survivors safe. But be aware that horrors are lurking outside and they aren’t going to spare you.

SMASH Monsters – City Rampage

Welcome to the world of smashing and destroying! You are spawning a lot of GIANT monsters in a laboratory and asking them nothing but SMASH! Watch them obeying your command as you ask them to smash down everything coming in way. A world full of bosses and obstacles is waiting for you in the campaign mode. Download SMASH Monsters game on your smartphone and let the destruction begin!


Another amazing Final Fantasy game with more fabulous features. Experience one of the best RPG game full of strategist battles. The game offers easy to use controls that are specially built for awesome RPG gaming. It also offers eye catching graphics and animations right from Final Fantasy. Move around dungeons, fields and find your route around the game. You can play around just like any other RPG game.


Join a fabulous RPG adventure and become one of the famous legendary hero. A complete journey full of loots and battles all there for you. Experience the power of Unreal Engine 4 by slicing around monsters around the world. All the amazing 3d environments are available to slice down all the enemies in real-time. Completely customizable heroes allow you to play with your own specific characters. Enter the arena full of players around the world and challenge them. Can you HIT them all?

Avakin Life – 3D virtual world

Join the virtual fashion world where awesome 3D experience is waiting right for you! Join the legacy of millions of players in this out of the world RPG game. Meet with new players and discuss fashion related topics. Discover, buy and create your own custom outfits for your character and enjoy. Explore the best virtual world of Avakin Life right on your smartphone. Become the person you dreamed for all life, now in this amazing android game.

Unison League

Experience the bets guild battle with up to 2 teams of 10 players. You have to work together, forming the strongest team to beat your enemy. Use your own guildies to fuse those Unison Summons. Unison attacks can also help you beating the enemies by calling entities. Questing around with friends was never so fun until the game arrived. In game conversation features allow you to chat during battles for timely commands. Unison League is a one stop solution to fulfill your RPG needs!

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