Adventure Games For Android

Top 10 Adventure Games For Android

Adventure games are loved by every gamer, no matter which platform is used for playing them. These games consist of more than one genres at a time. That’s why most gamers prefer games full of adventure and suits other categories too. One of the best thing about them is they never let you feel boredom at all.

Thousands of developers are out there making adventure games for android users. Every game has a lot of features and can be played by anyone. Mostly games are shared by the developer teams for free but some games are paid too. Gamer dudes also buy games to fulfill their needs but not all of them prefer to do so. We also prefer new gamer’s to start with free android games and then move ahead.

There are lots of adventure games available on Google Play for people to download. New games are developed and updated in Google’s database regularly. So you will have something new whenever you want some sort of excitement. But how would you knew that the game will be right for you? Obviously, you need to install the game and try it for yourself. However, downloading and installing each and every game is a little bit tricky task. You will have to scroll through thousands of useless games, until you find the game of your dreams.

Now we have a good news for you! We have researched popular games on Google Play and managed to build up a top 10 list. In the list we have included only the best adventure games for you. Now you don’t have to search for good games, rather just download games from the list given below:

1.      ROBLOX

Dive into the virtual universe of gaming world! Millions of games are present inside for gamers like you. Gamers around the globe use it for experiencing an amazing 3d world. ROBLOX has lots of games in which you can run a pizza shop, play paintball, fight with zombies, explore other galaxies, become a star in fashion show, or just simply hang out with friends. The free to download game offers amazing multi-player gaming experience that you must try out!

2.      Ingress

You have to protect earth from a mysterious energy stream, whose purpose is nothing but to stake our future. The world will be transformed into a global game while you play Ingress on your device. Just move around read world with your android device in hand and play the game. You can ally with other players around the globe, discover sources of this mysterious energy or capture territory by deploying tech. So Download the Ingress game and struggle to protect humanity from the energy.

3.      Criminal Case

Criminal case is one of the games for android devices that is specially built for people with detective minds. You will be solving mysterious puzzles in this hidden object type adventure game. Gather evidences for murder cases, investigate different crime scenes, and gather enough evidence for capturing the killers. Criminal Case game can be played with friends to experience the best detective game ever. So why are you still thinking? Go ahead and show off your detective skills now!

4.      LEGO® Juniors Quest

A fabulous story based games for children around the world who want to play adventure games. Parents can give their children this game to play without any problems. It will enhance the creativity of your child and let him catch a robber. The game is highly optimized for children and every graphics is suitable for kids. The characters of the game include, a princess in a caste and a nice lady, a businessman, some creative construction workers, a gas station mechanic, a surfer girl and police dogs too. Lego Juniors Quest game is a free to download android game on Google Play.

5.      Family Guy the Quest for Stuff

An awesome adventure game in which you can play as the Family Guy characters. You would came to know that Quahog has been destroyed and you have to save the city. Play with different characters and experience and amazing new adventure on your smartphone. The game also offers other attractive features like customizable outfits and unlocking hundreds of animations. You can also play the game in 6 different languages to suit your taste.

6.      Batman v Superman Who Will Win

Gotham and Metropolis are both under attack by threats of dark forces. Superman and Batman are against each other to set up a record. You have to battle against your opponent, dodge obstacles and gather various power-ups to become the best. Play one of the best android game from Official marvel movie. The game offers amazing features with movie sound track along with fabulous graphics. So which one you will choose Batman or Superman?

7.      MARVEL Avengers Academy

All the avengers from Marvel universe like you have never experienced before. Play as your favorite marvel character and build up your own personalized academy of characters. You can develop your own powers to be assigned to the super heroes and villains in this academy. In this way you can assemble your own avenger’s team and battle using them. Download the game and start your own academy now!

8.      The Walking Dead: Season One

You will be playing as Lee Everett in a world full of zombies and you have to survive in it. You have to protect Clementine and orphaned girl and moving around to survivors having no security of their own. An amazing action-packed game series that you have never played before. Experience out of the world tailored game with the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. The game has 4 more episodes that can be played out, but only after you have purchased them. Only the Walking Dead: Season One game is offered for free.

9.      Rayman Adventures

All the adventures of Rayman and his companion Barbara right at your fingertips. Play as the fearless adventurer and search for ancient eggs scattered along the world, in order to bring them back to the sacred tree. An all-in-one adventure PLUS action game for android users can be downloaded from Google Play. Step ahead and dive into the adventurous world of Rayman.

10.  Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

Join the amazing world of Mino Monsters and experience an epic adventure game. You will have the opportunity to collect, train and then battle with the monsters. The game offers 100+ monsters to be caught, a lot of rare Minos called as Guardians, different quests and missions, HD graphics and animations and hours of game play. It will be the best adventure game that you have ever played.

These are the adventure games that we think you are going to love. All of the games are well researched before adding to best adventure games for android list. So we hope you will not have any issue with the games. Feel free to contact us and keep visiting for more updates

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