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Top 10 Action Games For Android

In this new era, old trends of playing games have been taken over by new ones. People have changed their taste and now want some action in games. Previously, Games were simple and elegant consisting of puzzles and few characters. But playing those old fashioned games all the time generates boredom. That’s why people are always looking out to reach some interesting games. Game developers have worked hard in past few years and developed lots of amazing games.

Now there are tons of action games available on the internet for anyone to play. These games have been developed for various platforms even for smartphones. People using android phones can also play awesome games on their phones for free. Android OS has proved to be one of the best OS for playing high quality games. Gamers are widely rushing towards this OS for fulfilling their needs. App stores like Google Play is full of thousands of games that are available for free. Besides the fact that paid games are also available but free ones are not that bad to try!

Many developers don’t think of making money directly, rather they first offer free games for android to get fame. That’s why you can play best games on your android for free. But how would you know which ones are the best? Don’t worry we will help you out in this situated! We have decided to start sharing best games list for android devices at Test Phone Apps. So that all the gamers can easily choose best games for their devices. As you know we have never mislead you towards wrong direction. So these games would also be chosen from top rated developers.

As the title suggests today we are focused on top 10 best action games for android platform. So without wasting more of your time, let’s head over to the list itself!

Temple Run 2

Experience an amazing innovation of new game for android devices. Temple Run has gained attraction of millions of users with its amazing graphics. Millions of people are still using the game on their phones. Now the second part has been released by the developers. It has further revolutionized the gaming experience of android foes. The update has added several new stuff to the game like more obstacles, eye-catching graphics, more powerful characters, and new environments. Remember the cruel monkey running behind you in the game? Now Temple Run guys have enhanced him and made it even bigger. So prepare for a mind blowing gaming experience with Temple Run 2 app!

Hungry Shark World

An impressive new game packed with lots of action-adventure features is Hungry Shark World. The game is pretty much simple but suitable for all action lovers. You are controlling a very hungry shark wanting to eat everything that comes in way. There are several obstacles in the game for you to avoid and just start eating preys in your way. The beautiful graphics of the game make it best under-water action game. Tons of different sharks and numerous enemies are present to entertain you. Dive in to the under-water world and join the colony of sharks! Download Hungry Shark World now!

Grand Gangster 3D

Be the best gangster in San Andreas with this action, shooter and racing game combination. Grand Gangster 3d is built for people who want to play with danger on the go. You can become a gangster, steal cars, fight with other gangsters, and race on the streets or evade police officers, etc. Numerous extra features are present in the game whom can be explored by you. So don’t waste your time and go ahead to download the game now!

Wipeout 2

Watch an all new version of Wipeout TV show on your phone with Wipeout 2 game. Now you can play like the characters if the show and pass through various obstacles. The game has more than a hundred levels for you to play around. Conquer the challenges created by Big Balls and show your skills. The app supports customization of characters and many other things. It’s one of the best action games loved by millions of users. You can also become one of them by just installing the popular android game on your phone.

Call of Duty: Heroes

You will be commanding over a bunch of soldiers and legendary heroes Call of Duty: Heroes game. You can train your forces to prepare for a battle against enemies. The 3d graphics of the game and epic strategy tactics make it best action game. You will be given a small outpost and you can upgrade it over a huge base. All the heroes of Call of Duty franchises right in the palm of your hand. Numerous kill streaks like air strikes, UAV, care packages are waiting for you. You can join up teams and form alliances for stronger defense against enemies. You will need a working internet connection to play the game.

Modern Combat : Blackout

Shooter games redefined with this epic new action game on Google Play. Download the game on your phone and step into the war. You can build up teams with your friends and fight with rivals around the globe. Modern Combat 5 supports both single and multi-player making it more interesting for gamers. Six different player class for you to choose upon your own choice. It’s the best first-person shooting and warfare game with so much amazing features.

Marvel Contest of Champions

The best marvel game I have ever played. All of your favorite marvel heroes at one place, rivals of each other. The Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Spiderman all at the palm of your hand. You will experience awesome graphics and friendly interface while playing the game. Fight out with enemies and journey through the amazing marvel storyline. So build up your team of favorite super heroes or villains and start your journey with the game.

Elite Killer: SWAT

You are now a well trained professional shooter equipped with lots of weapons on a secret mission. All you have to do is complete the mission at any cost and prove your guts. The game offers more than 100 different levels to be played with 30+ weapons. Moreover, high quality graphics and other features are mind blowing. Experience an ultimate FPS action game on your android phone for free.

Into the Dead

Love to play horror games? Now you can experience a new innovation in horror games with Into the Dead. You will be playing as a character survived in the world of zombies. You are the only one alive and have to fight in order to stay alive. Do whatever you can to protect yourself from the dead people, use powerful weapons to fight with enemies, complete missions, compete with friends and experience a new revolution in android games.


It’s one of the best fighting games that is being used by millions of people worldwide. MORTAL COMBAT X game offers a great fighting tournament for people like you to compete. You will have a wide variety of fighters from Mortal Combat world that can be used for fighting in the game. Build up your own elite team with greatest warriors and become champion of the biggest tournament on your smartphone. But it doesn’t ends here, you also have access to a lot of impressive features of the android game. Our experts have highly recommended this game for all action lovers out there. We bet you love to play the game!

The above games are added in the list because of various factors. We only list up those games that are popular among people and are good too. We hope you will have fun playing them. Keep visiting us for more updates on latest games for android OS.

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